Easy Ways to Access Control Panel in Windows 10

Microsoft offered a lot of new things with Windows 10. It mainly tried to simplify the process of using the Window platform for those who use touch-based computers. The shoved the old Control Panel section in the background and brought an exclusive Settings app, which is touch-friendly, on the front part.

It’s been around four years since the launch of Windows 10. For controlling and customizing things on your Windows 10 PC, you can either choose to go to the Control Panel section and access the Settings app.  Both of them offer almost the same function. However, the Settings app is more convenient than the Control Panel. There are a few specific setting which can be controlled through Control Panel only though, such as DNS settings. On that note, let’s have a look at the ways to access Control Panel in Windows 10 PCs that are based on 1809 version.

Through Start menu

1. Go to the bottom-left section of your Windows 10 computer and hit the Start button.

2. Keep scrolling down till you see the Windows System option. Once you see it, click on the same for expanding.

3. Choose the Control Panel option from there.

Through Cortana

1. Go to the search section on Cortana and enter Control Panel over there.

2. Select the Control Panel option from the available results.

Through the Settings app

1. Click on the Start button and then the gear icon next. You will see the Settings app on your display.

2. Visit the search section and type Control Panel to open it.

3.  Choose the displayed Control Panel option.

Through Run command

1. Keep your hand on the keyword and hit the Windows and R keys at the same time.

2. Enter Control Panel in the text box of the Run command.

3. Hit the OK button next to access it.

Through the Task Manager

1. Again, keep your hands on the keyboards and press the Control, Alt, and Delete buttons at the similar time.

2. Choose Task Manager then.

3. Then, choose the File option available on the top-left section of your computer screen.

4. Select Run new task from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter the term Control Panel in the dedicated box shown on the screen.

6. Hit the OK button to end the process and access Control Panel.

Through Windows PowerShell

1. Go to Start button section on your computer and right-click over there.

2. Choose Windows PowerShell from the available option in the rollout menu.

3. Enter Control Panel on the opened prompt and then hit the Enter button.

Hence, these are a few best ways through which you can open the Control Panel in Windows 10!

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