Easy Ways To Recover Windows Corrupted Files

Files get corrupt in a system due to several different reasons. Most of the time, users lose their important data and files due to such issues. Corruption of files and docs occur due to virus and malware, system crash, and many more reasons. Users often run virus scans and use to recovery tools to fix the issue. If you are facing the issue and still couldn’t recover your important files, then you have come to the right place. Here I have listed some of the best and effective methods to recover corrupted files on your Windows system.

Run A Full System Scan

First of all, you do not know which file and application are causing the issue by which files are getting corrupted on your system. Most of the time, users are unable to locate the applications, and malware causing such issues. Run a full scan on your PC with a robust antivirus software. Running a virus scan removes malware from the system and uncorrupts the repairable files. It is amongst the basic first steps you can perform to recover corrupted files.

Use Data Recovery Mode

The second best option available is to select data recovery mode on your PC. It helps you to recover damaged and corrupted files which are inaccessible. If you cannot access files after the malware scan, then launch a data recovery application or software on your PC. The data recovery software is specifically designed to recover the lost, corrupt, and crashed files.

Reboot the System

It does sound unfamiliar but rebooting helps in recovering corrupt files and prevent errors that cause such issues on your PC. Sometimes, users face trouble in recovering corrupt files on PC. Rebooting the system takes back settings to its default, removes errors, and helps in recovering inaccessible files. Go to the settings on your PC and select a reboot without formatting the existing data carefully.

Check USB Hard Drive Connectivity

Users often forget to check the USB hard drive connectivity while facing such issues. Make sure the USB hard drive is connected and detected. Hard Drive is the place data gets stored on your PC. Files often get corrupted and crashed due to several reasons, try to check USB hard drive now. If the problem lies in the hard drive connection with the system, chances are you may lose all the data and media from your system. It is advisable to check the external hard drive connection with the system from time to time.

Check Recoverable Files

After you run a malware scan on your PC, it uncorrupt some of the recoverable files. Like I stated in the very first point, scan the system with registered antivirus software. It is an ideal step to perform if you face such issues. After the scan finished, check the files that have been recovered during the scan and save them immediately.

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