What is Features And Functions Of The Microsoft Office?

In a workplace or office environment, MS Office tends to a standard, without which you might not be able to get your work done within the projected timeline. Even if you work from home or operate as a freelancer, it can be a cog in the wheel of your daily or monthly earnings. Also, MS Office is the most downloaded software package of all time.

Microsoft Office productivity suite is a family of salient office related applications from the house of Microsoft that lives in almost all the computers in the world. Just like any other software family, MS Office has a unique set of members and everyone serves a unique purpose and offers a specific service to its users.

The latest offline version of Office setup is Office 2019 and Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that Microsoft would prefer users to download and subscribe. The only thing that makes it stand out from older editions of MS Office is the integration of the latest version of all application with the cloud feature, so users can access application and data from anywhere, anytime.

Why you need MS Office?

MS Office applications are used to automate the office related work to increase the productivity of employees. From creating documents and preparing presentations to manage email and database, MS Office has a role to play in everyone’s life.

MS Office enables businesses to organize everything in a neat and orderly fashion to help employees speed up the work. It can be used to type letters, envelops, create a spreadsheet, make labels, keep records and produces presentations for both school and office.

How to choose the best suite for everyday use?

Because there are so many application to choose from, and not everyone needs all of them which is quite understandable due to the sheer enormity of applications and services from Microsoft to gain a competitive edge in the software industry. By the look of its reputation and popularity among general users, MS Office applications are nowhere close  Microsoft has grouped different applications in different sets for a diverse range of users known as ‘Suites’.

So, there are suites for students, professionals, home users, small and large scale businesses. Each of them has a different price tag depending on what’s included in it by keeping the user’s needs and preferences on priority. The scale of project and usability also plays an important role in finalizing the prices. There are so many applications designed for both offline and online usage, so we can’t explore and explain all of them in a single blog. Let’s start with the most basic and popular ones in the software industry.

MS Word is a clear champion in the list of applications

It is an indisputable fact that MS Word dominates the choice of millions of users when it comes to creating text documents. This is the most popular application of all time. The evidence of its sheer popularity is clearly visible through this article because it was written on a Word.doc file.

As long as text documents are required in an office, MS Word is not going anywhere. The application keeps updating from time to time, so it has never been an outdated option for its users. The application is accessible on Windows and Macintosh Operating systems along with a unique mobile version for Android and iOS. MS Word made typing of words and other documents very easy. Almost all content work and official document and letters are typed in MS Word. You can also save the word file to keep a record.

However, you still need a printer to print a hard copy of your Word document but that doesn’t stop it from being the most loved application in the software industry.

MS Excel

MS Excel creates simple to a complex alphanumerical spreadsheet to help users keep records of almost everything. MS excel faced stiff competition from Lotus 1-2-3 but eventually outperformed it in the popularity index. It is available on both Windows and Mac. The application came into existence just a couple of year later on November 1987. It is useful in storing, organizing and manipulating data along with preparing ledger balance and maintaining accounts.

MS PowerPoint

The application is all time favorite of business professionals because it can create a presentation by designing creative and engaging slides by not only adding texts but also graphics, images, and videos to present data and information, showcase business ideas and future plans in a professional manner in meetings and seminars. It means users can create project presentations, business plan presentation, school assignments, and presentation for seminars by using the app.

MS Office Outlook

You can access your email ID through Outlook in computer and Mac just like you use Gmail. The application is used to manage email and calendars, to do lists and contacts, and includes features like address book and task manager. It is used to send or receive official and personal emails. You can also save your daily needs, work and contact details. The best thing about MS Outlook is that you can access your emails without having Internet connectivity. Its main purpose is Windows messaging.

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